PTC heaters

The revolutionary PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology is the most efficient way of room heating. It uses small ceramic stones with self-limiting temperature characteristics, which have fast heating response times and plateau at pre-defined temperature. PTC heating elements automatically vary wattage to maintain pre-set temperature, thereby saving power. They are absolutely safe, as irrespective of magnitude of current applied to the PTC, it will never surpass the set temperature. PTC ceramic stones are highly reliable, have long life and are compact in design so PTC Heaters not just look good but perform better.

Multi-function remote control

Why get up from your cozy quilt to control temperature? The Glen´s PTC room heaters come with a multi-function remote control, to switch on or off the heater and change the heating level.

PTC Technology

PTC heaters don´t let the temperature go beyond the set temperatures, unlike ordinary heaters where the temperature can shoot up to dangerous levels. It means that it's safer to use PTC room heaters and save on the power bill also. The PTC ceramic stones cool down promptly unlike resistance wires.

90 degree oscillation

Ordinary heaters are stationary and allow development of cold pockets behind them. The innovative PTC ceramic heaters can swing by 90 degrees and hence warm up the room uniformly. Also, you can control the action by multi-function remote control.

Tlit Sensor for Safety

For your safety, the positive temperature coefficient heater comes with a tilt sensor. It provides automatic switching off of the electric room heater, when it falls or is not placed over a uniform surface.


GL 7012 PTC Heater

GL 7012 PTC Heater

+ Features
  • Automatic oscillation radius 70 degrees
  • LED digital display, Safety tip-over switch
  • Multi-function remote control
  • Safe & Energy efficient PTC heating

₹ 9,990 (15% OFF) Rs. 8,492

GL 7013 PTC Heater

GL 7013 PTC Heater

+ Features
  • Energy efficient PTC heating
  • PTC ceramic heating element
  • Thermostat to maintain room temperature
  • Overheating protection, Safety tip-over switch
  • Out of stock

₹ 4,990 (20% OFF) Rs. 3,990

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