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Glen 6033 Portable Room Air Purifier with 5 Steps Air Purification

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Quick Overview

A portable room air purifier having 5 steps air purification. It comes with air quality indicator and remote control for convenient usage from distance.

  • 5 Steps Purification for 99.9% Pure Air
  • Maximum room coverage area - 27m² - 36m² .
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) - 230 m³/h
  • Air quality indicator
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Power Consumption - 35W
  • Dimensions - Cold Catalyst Filter (HxWxT) : 350x245x10mm
  • Dimensions - Activated Carbon Filter (HxWxT) : 350x245x20mm
  • Dimensions - True HEPA Filter (HxWxT) : 350x245x20mm

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The Glen Air purifier 6033 is specially designed to bring clean & healthy air to all interiors. With its sleek & elegant looks, it purifies the air effectively and has 5 step purification system. The advanced features like air quality indicator, three fan speeds, filter replacement indicator, auto mode, sleep mode function and easy portability makes this product a wise investment for the well being of your family. It also comes with a handy remote for convenient usage of appliance from distance. 

5 Steps Purification for 99.9% Pure Air

1. Pre-Filter + HEPA filter
2. Activated carbon
3. Cold catalyst filter 
4. Built-in loniser 
  • 2 years warranty
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) - 230 m³/h
  • Remote control
  • Air quality indicator
  • Three fan speed
  • 8 hour timer
  • Auto mode function
  • Sleep mode function
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Power Consumption - 35W
  • Maximum room coverage area - 27m² - 36m² .
    *   Depending on the height of the roof. 
  • Dimensions - Cold Catalyst Filter (HxWxT) : 350x245x10mm

    Dimensions - Activated Carbon Filter (HxWxT) : 350x245x20mm

    Dimensions - True HEPA Filter (HxWxT) : 350x245x20mm

    Power in Wattage : 35

    Room Coverage Area : 27 - 36 Square Meter / (290 - 390 square foot )

    Filter Replacement Indicator : Available

    Air Purification Steps : 5

    Gross Weight : 6.50 Kg Approx

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    2 Years warranty on product.

    48 hours Return Policy - Product return is accepted by customers within 48 hours of product delivery only in case a wrong or damaged product has been delivered. Cancellation allowed.

    Q.1 What is the particle size it can filter?

    HEPA Filter can remove up to 99.97% of diameter above 0.3 micron particulate, such as fine dusts, haze and smoke particulate, pet dander, mold spores, pollen, some bacteria and viruses.

    Q.2 Can we switch off ionizer? Does this product generate ozone?

    No we can’t switch off the ionizer with the controls on the top.

    Yes it does emit a tiny amount of ozone as a by-product of generating a high level of negative ions. However, the ozone output is actually much less than .02 ppm, even within 2 cm or so of the ion emitter. Furthermore, the ozone levels even in a very small room would almost certainly never exceed safe limits, even if the ionizer is left running 24 hours a day. Ozone is an unstable, short-lived gas, and does not normally build up like you would think, unless you're generating enormous quantities of it on purpose.

    Ionizer in 6033 can generate amounts well below the EPA standard of .05 PPM (less than .01 PPM), and that also only very close to the unit. The ozone level is unmeasurable. You will likely breathe in much  more ozone around a photocopier. And here is the bottom line: ozone is an unstable, short-lived molecule, it is destroyed by other molecules of odours and pollutants in the air, and it is likely that no ozone would ever reach you.

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