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Q. Why should I buy a Glen Chimney?

A. There can be many reasons to buy Glen kitchen chimneys some of these are most of Glen chimneys are made in India as per Indian Cooking requirements, the parts for after sales service are available, its fitted with Italian motors with Thermal Overload protectors, has a wide range to choose from, is backed by a very good after sales service, has a wide network of dealers/distributors and service centers, has been sold in India for over 20 years now and many more reasons.

Q. How does a kitchen Chimney work?

A.Chimney has a simple job of extracting the smoke coming out of the pan on the Cooking appliance and throw the same out of the kitchen to keep the kitchen smell, odor, smoke and grime free.

Q. What should be the distance at which chimney should be installed from the cooktop?

A.Normally it should be 750 – 900mm can warry from model to model so check the instruction manual of the specific model being bought.

Q. Who will do the chimney installation at my home?

A. A customer can contact our helpline or write a mail to get the chimney installed and the request will be assigned to a service center in your area who will send a service person to install the chimney.

Q. What type of lighting do the Glen Chimneys have?

A.Various models of Glen Chimneys, use 3 types of lights LED Lamps, LED Candle Lamps and Incandescent Candle Lamps to provide ample illumination over the cooktop for better access while cooking.

Q. How often should the chimney grease filters be cleaned?

A.The grease filters should be cleaned as often as possible but at least once every 15 days. In case the chimney is installed in recirculation mode and you are using Carbon filters, these need to be changed every three months, the period can be longer also in case the usage is very less.

Q. What is meant by m3/h?

A. m3/h indicates airflow i.e. the quantity of air, any chimney can extract in an hour. Suction power is measured in meter cube per hour. Duct size, number of bends to the duct, cooking style,and many other factors are responsible behind the suction power.

Q. What is the best way to clean the surface of the chimney?

A. Stainless steel hoods should be cleaned regularly with a soft moist cloth, if the surface is too oily mild soapor dish detergent can also be used. Clean in the direction of the polish lines. Wipe dry immediately.

Q. How should I select the best chimney for my home?

A. Glen offers a wide range of chimneys and to select the best one for your kitchen you may fill up the enquiry form or call our helpline and our expert will get in touch with you to help you select.

Q. What about the energy consumption from your chimney?

A.The different models have different energy consumption, based on suction, lamps used. Check the model specifications section for more details.


Q. Why should I buy Glen Built-in Hobs?

A.There can be many reasons to buy Glen hobs some of these are - most of Glen Built-in-Hobs are made in India as per Indian Cooking requirements, the parts for after sales service are available, its fitted with Italian gas valves for total safety, has a wide range to choose from, is backed by a very good after sales service, has a wide network of dealers/distributors and service centers, has been sold in India for over 20 years now and many more reasons.

Q. What is the difference between European sealed burners and Double Ring Burners?

A.European Sealed Burners:These are single ring of flame burners used for slow cooking. These are made of Aluminum Alloy and have only one ring of flame which gives low heat and are suitable for slow cooking.

Double Ring Burners:As for Indian cooking we need higher flame these burners re specially designed for Indian cooking, as these gives 2 rings of flame like the traditional gas stoves so are more suitable for high temperature coking and faster cooking. These come in Mild Steel with enameled coating or in Forged Brass which is 5 times stronger.

Q. Which surface should be considered for my built-in hob?

A. Glen built-in hobs come in glass& stainless steel. They all vary in their looks, finish,and configurations. You can decide the surface or number of burners as per your choice. However now a days Glass hobs are more popular.

Q. How should I clean my built-in hob?

A. Glen built-in hobs are convenient to clean and are scratch resistant. One should clean with a soft wet napkin after finishing the cooking, in case there are some strong dried spillage one can leave a little water on the same and clean after a while. Washing or scratching with some sharp object are not advisable.

Q. What should I do in case of glass break of the built-in hob?

A. Glen built in glass hobs are made 8.0mm thick toughened glass, which not only looks elegant but also resists scratches, stains, impact & heat. In case, if it gets broken it will be in small pieces and will remain sticking, you can contact the Glen customer care for the replacement of the same.

Q. What will be an ideal size for built-in hob?

A. The best way to choose the size and number of burners of the built-in hob depends the type of cooking, the space available on the slab, the size of the chimney installed etc. you my fill up the enquiry form and our expert will get in touch with you and help you chose one.


Q. Why should I buy Glen Cooktops?

A.There can be many compelling reasons to choose Glen cooktops for your kitchen few are listed here: Glen presents the largest range of premium gas stoves, there is an option to choose from 3 types of Burners Alloy, Forged Brass and normal Brass Burners, you can select different configuration like 2/3/4 burners, Glass top, Stainless Steel top, Powder coated frame or SS frame, ISI approved models, with multi spark auto ignition models. Backed by strong after sales service, manufactured in state of the art modern factory with total safety.

Q. What is the difference between brass & alloy burners?

A.Brass Burners:The ISI marked Gas Stoves are fitted with Brass Burners. The brass burners can take higher temperatures and has been used traditionally in the Gas Stoves. There are some models available with Forged Brass burners which are 5 times stronger and carry a 5 year warranty.

Alloy Burners:Pressure die-cast, ultra-light burners increase the longevity of the cooktop. The holes in the burner rim are designed at a special angle for higher thermal efficiency. Moreover, the burners come with a five-year warranty.

Q. What to do in case of uneven flames of the burner?

A. First of all check that the burners are placed properly, then look for any food particles or spillage stuck in the burner. If found, clean it properly without causing any damage. If uneven flames still experienced, contact Glen customer support for the convenient resolution.

Q. Why are the burners not working?

A. Make sure you have turned the knob to the light/On position first. Then turn the knob to the desired heat setting after you have a flame. Cooktop or Hob burners are round and have small holes evenly placed around their perimeter. These holes allow gas to flow out and create a controlled flame when lit. Sometimes the gas orifices get plugged and the gas can’t get through to be ignited. The trick is to clean them without making the holes any bigger. You need to clean the burners thoroughly. If, after cleaning the burners, they still don't light, you should callGlen Authorized Service person.

Q. The cooktop knobs are hard to turn. What to do in such case?

A. In continuous use of the product, the knobs of Glen Cooktop might tend hard to turn. In such situations, please contact Glen customer support for the lubrication or replacement of the knobs.

Q. Will my cooktop support PNG connection?

A. All Glen cooktops support LPG connection, as per your requirement, they can be converted into PNG connection on chargeable basis.

Q. Which utensils should be used on different burners?

A. For lower gas consumption and better productivity, use those utensils which have a diameter suitable for the burners, avoiding the flame coming out of the pan base as that will result in the wastage of gas. Try using flat bottom pans.

Q. Process to take the benefit of cooktops having 5 Year Warranty ?


  • To avail the 5 years warranty please register online within 90 days from the date of purchase. The offer is no more valid if not registered within 90 days.
  • The 5 year warranty covers three major components and these are Gas Valve, Glass & Forged Brass Burner.
  • The product has been used as per the instruction mentioned in the instruction manual.
  • The product has been used for domestic purpose only, in case used for commercial purpose the warranty is not valid.
  • The product has not been put to misuse and serviced at regular intervals at least once in a year by the authorised service centre.
  • The warranty is valid on the Forged Brass Burner only and not on the mixing tube.
  • In case of Toughened Glass the maximum number of free replacements will be limited to 2 times within the 5 years period.
  • In case the glass breaks while using Pathri Tawa or Gas Tandoor for making Tandoori Roti/Bati etc. then the warranty is not valid.
  • In case of any requirement of change of above parts only the parts will be replaced free of charge the labour cost and service/visit charges will have to be paid by the customer.
  • Customer will have to produce this warranty card and the cash memo to avail the warranty.
  • In case of any problem customer can get in touch with us at Helpline : 9266655555, Email : and we will be willing to help.


Q. Why should I buy Glen Built in Oven?

A.When making a new kitchen or renovating the old one has to look at adding Built-in-Oven and Microwave ovens to free the shelf space in the kitchen. Glen has a range of Built inOvens and Microwave Ovens to suit every need. Excellent after sales service and spare parts support is essential for all these durable products and as Glen specializes in the cooking appliances it’s the obvious choice.

Q. Who will install and demonstrate? Are there any charges?

A. After you make a purchase, you can call for the skilled service engineer for the installation & demonstration at your kitchen. The charges will be incurred depending upon the location of your residence.

Q. What is the right way to clean the built-in oven & microwave?

A. You can clean the built-in oven or microwave after every use with a damp cloth making sure that the appliance is not hot. The chamber should ideally be cleaned with a dry cloth.

Q. What is the warranty period on Glen Built-in Oven & Microwave?

A. The warranty period on Built in oven & microwave is for one year.

Q. How to decide the location for the placement of Built-in Oven / Microwave?

A. When you are buying a built-in-oven/ microwave oven the same will be planned in the design stage and you will have to share the cut out size required to your designer so that he makes the cabinet accordingly. The sizes are mentioned on our website for each model. In case any further information is required please call our helpline or fill the enquiry form.

Water Heater

Q. 1. Why should I buy Glen Water heaters?

There can be many compelling reasons to buy Glen water heater and some of them are – 5 star BEE rating (2019 standards) which helps you to save electricity, Rust-proof Glass lined tank with 7 year warranty, Glass lined Incoloy heating element with 3 years warranty so that it doesn’t get effected by hard water. Backed by an excellent after sales service and a wide network of dealer/distributors, Glen water heaters ensure hassle free operation for a long life.

Q. 2. How can I choose the right water heater? What should be approx. capacity?

It is important to select the right water heater for your kitchen/bathroom so you enjoy a reliable performance for years. The capacity may depend on these factors-

  • For 1-2 persons per bathroom choose a minimum 6 or 10 liters. In case staying in areas with lower temperatures may go for 15 liters.
  • For a family of 4 persons minimum 15 liters. For cold climatic locations it can be 25 liters.
  • For kitchen either Instant Water Heater or 10 liters water heater is enough.

Q. 3. What will be the right place to install the water heaters?

It depends as per the provision in the bathroom, in case making a new house can be installed outside also. Glen water heaters are so good looking that in case installed inside these enhance looks of the bathroom. Also these are weatherproof so if installed outside there is no worry it can take care of itself.

Q.4. How should I choose between vertical or square water heaters?

It depends on the space available and the aesthetics. Square water heaters are better looking, well designed, use less space and enhance the looks of the bathrooms. These are more expensive and in case these fit into your budget one should go for these. In fact if the budget allows one should go for the Digital Water heater with remote as these give you the freedom to set the accurate temperature and enjoy a totally safe and warm bath.

Q.5. Who will install & demonstrate? Is there a free installation?

A customer can contact our helpline 9266655555 or reach out via any FB/WhatsApp messengerto get the water heater installed and the request will be assigned to a service center in your area who will send a service person to install it.

There are selected locations across the country where free installation is provided. You may check for your location given below.

Q.6. Will my water heater consume a lot of energy?

Look for 5 Star BEE rating to save on the energy. As the water heaters are normally 2000w and above so it’s advisable to go for 5 star rated products only. Although these will be expensive to buy but the difference in cost can be recovered with 1st year of use by saving the electricity.

Q.7. How effective is the inner tank of Glen water heaters?

The 7054/7055 Water Heater Inner tank is made of 1.5mm thick Cold Rolled Steel with only 1 welding line and then coated 0.35mm to make it Glass lined rust-proof to withstand maximum pressure 1.2MPa bar (claimed 0.8MPa) with a warranty of 7 years against leakage or rusting. This is the comparable to the best in the industry levels.

Q.8. What type of heating element is used in Glen water heaters?

The element in Glen water heaters is Incoloy and is coated Glass Line to make it rust and corrosion free for long life comes with a 3 year warranty.

Q.9. How will the quality of insulation affect the water heater?

Glen water heaters use high density, high quality Polyurethane Insulation – CFC Free. It ensures retention of internal heat and temperature, resulting in better energy efficiency and reduced electricity bills.

Q.10. Are Glen water heaters suitable for high rise buildings?

Yes, most of the Glen water heater models come with a 6 to 8 bar pressure rating which is suitable for high rise buildings/apartments.

Q.11. What are the safety features in Glen water heaters?

Most of the Glen water heater models have Magnesium Anode protection to safeguard the tank, come with Pressure release valve and Thermal Cut-out so all the aspects of the safety are taken into account.

Areas for Free Installation Service On Water Heaters Only

Jammu : Jammu

Punjab : Amritsar, Jallandhar, Ludhiana, Patiala, Bhatinda, Mohali

Chandigarh : Chandigarh

Haryana : G T Belt, Hissar, Rohtak

Delhi NCR

UP-West : Ghaziabad, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Saharnpur, Agra, Aligarh, Bareilly, Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Gorakhpur

Uttranchal : Dehradun, Rishikesh, Hardwar, Roorkee, Haldwani

Rajasthan : Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Udaipur

MP : Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur

Chttisgarh : Raipur, Durg, Bhilai

Karnataka : Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Hubli

Andhra Pradesh : Vijaywada, Vizag

Telangana : Hyderabad

Tamilnadu : Chennai, Coimbatore, Tirchi, Salem, Pondycherry

Kerala : Cochin, Tiruanantpuram, Kottayam, Kollam, Calicut, Mallapuram

Maharashtra : Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Amrawati

West Bengal : Kolkata, Siliguri

North East : Guwahati, Jorha

Bihar : Patna, Muzaffarpur

Jharkhand : Ranchi, Dhnbad, Jamshedpur

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