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Glen India brings you the most sophisticated way of healthy cooking, the Glass Grill. The Glass Grill is a durable ceramic glass surface, which evenly distributes heat for consistent cooking. Due to non-porous nature of glass-ceramic, nutrients and natural food juices remain intact. The resulting grilled food is juicy, delicious and succulent with wonderful flavor and fragrance. The electric barbecue grill is portable and safer alternative to conventional grilling. Glass doesn´t emit any harmful gasses or reacts with the food, therefore is totally safe for everyday use.

Grill directly on the glass
Grill directly on the glass

The electrical grill doesn´t need anything more to grill on it. The ceramic glass surface lets you grill directly over it, without any hassle. As you grill directly on Glass there is no wastage of heat and its more energy efficient.

Cook directly on the glass
Cook directly on the glass

The German Glass can be used for any type of direct cooking and you can make an omelet, saute vegetables, make cutlets etc. It doesn´t require pan... s to cook and the glass surface can be used just like that.

Easy to clean detachable oil tray
Easy to clean detachable oil tray

The electrical glass grill comes with a detachable oil tray. It collects the entire oil residue without any mess. The tray can be detached easily and cleaned like any Stainless Steel utensil.

Temperature control knob
Temperature control knob

The glass grill has a thermostat which is controlled by the temperature control knob. You can select the required temperature from 6 settings, as required by your recipe. The grilling on controlled temperature doesn´t allow the oil to break and therefore is a healthier option.

GL 3037 GL 3037

GL 3037


  • Contact Grill & Sandwich Maker
  • Stainless steel housing
  • 180 degree opening
  • Thermostat knob for easy control of heat
  •  2000 W

MRP 6,395 ₹
incl., of all taxes

4295 ₹  ( 33 % OFF )


Expected in May 2021

Glen Electric Glass Barbeque Grill 3033 with Temperature Control Glen Electric Glass Barbeque Grill 3033 with Temperature Control

Glen Electric Glass Barbeque Grill 3033 with Temperature Control


A glass grill having ceramic surface for consistent cooking. It is a durable & safe alternative to conventional grill.
  • 2 Years warranty
  • Cook & grill directly on the glass
  • Healthy cooking with less oil
  • Low heat radiation for convenient indoor use

MRP 11,995 ₹
incl., of all taxes

6995 ₹  ( 42 % OFF )


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