Glen steam iron lets you adjust steam settings for a variety of fabrics. The fine mist spray gives sharper creases and the non-stick coated sole plate provides for smooth ironing results. Glen India iron with steam heats up fast, is lightweight, and has an anti slip handle. The soleplate features full-length button grooves, which make ironing around buttons easier.

360 degree Swivel Cord

The Glen steam iron is provided with a cord that can swivel on its base by 360 degrees. Now you doesn´t have to bear entangled cords, which become too short to carry iron from the power plug to ironing table.

Easy Water Filling

The water inlet is ergonomically designed to provide spill proof, water streaming into the iron. The markings on the steam iron let you pour the exact amount of water, no more and no less.

Burst of Steam

Steam iron for clothes comes with an innovative mechanism to produce a uniform burst of steam, which uniformly moistens the clothes for taut ironing.

Vertical Ironing

The steam iron can be efficiently doubled as dry iron. It also allows vertical ironing for quick fixes to your wrinkled shirt or saree. The steam effusion is equally effective in vertical mode.


GL 8021

GL 8021

+ Features
    • Light weight Steam iron
    • Online water filling
    • Higher steam output
    • Water spray, 1200W

₹ 1,290 (31% OFF) Rs. 895

GL 8024

GL 8024

+ Features
  • Light weight Steam Iron
  • Online water filling, Water spray
  • ISI Certified
  • 1200 W

₹ 1,490 (20% OFF) Rs. 1,192

GL 8027

GL 8027

+ Features
  • Light weight Steam Iron, 2000 W
  • Online water filling, Water spray
  • Self-cleaning for removal of scale particles
  • Anti-drip system to prevent water leakage
  • Out of stock

₹ 3,490 (11% OFF) Rs. 3,090

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